When you draw, you should feel just as free, as you do when you talk. Perhaps even more so. Which is why you shouldn’t take other people’s opinions to heart not that they don’t matter but because art is like music everyone has different taste and an idea of what art should be. Don’t let anyone make you feel like one is better than the other be happy doing what you’re doing.

Reblog if you’re a self-taught artist.

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Wanna see how many there are.

Same here

If by self taught you mean years of doodles, crying over your pathetic art, tearing up thousands of drawings and then finally drawing something you’re proud of… ONLY TO HATE IT 5 DAYS LATER

Then yes. I am self taught.


I mean I go to art school now, but I spent years teaching myself how to draw before this point…

got to re-blog this..

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